Woodsy Satin Soft Silk Wedding Bedding Set of 4 pcs [1 Double Bed Bedsheet || 2 Pillow Covers || 1 Double Bed AC Comforter] ( Falsa Purple )

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  • Save Rs. 1,000

Quality Craftsmanship & Design High 

Enhance Your Beauty Sleep


  • Sleeping on our satin bed sheets can help your skin, too. With less friction tugging at your skin as you sleep, you will experience fewer sleep lines which can equal fewer wrinkles over time.

Luxury reaches performance


  • The smooth feel of the sheet is very cozy which keeps you cool during summers and warm during winters

Goodbye To Messy Morning Hair


  • With our satin sheets, you can rest easy knowing your hair will be soft & smooth upon waking in the morning.

  • The satin fabric allows your hair to remain frizz and tangle-free and reduces hair breakage.

Luxury reaches performance


Do you think silk comforters are too expensive? Have you worried cotton comforter too heavy to ensure a relaxing sleep?


  • This comforter set is made from microfiber, which is lightweight and avoids the heaviness of cotton. And it is cozy, soft, and smooth, which also has the warmth characteristics of cotton. The microfiber comforter set can reach a perfect balance between warmth and comfort, brings your kid a good and sound sleep.

  • Every touch makes the body love. Whether it is the gloss of the surface or the natural smoothness of the fabric, it shows a high-grade and exquisite quality.

  • You can choose the color you like and the size you need. Our Comforter is not needed an extra cover, so you can save time to replace the bed cover.

  • I suggest you choose the 4 pcs Comforter Set so that you can easily get the bedding in a single package instead of having to buy each item separately, which will cost more money.




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